Research Interests

I develop mathematical, computational, and conceptual models to study natural selection and the evolution of organismal design. My work makes testable predictions on topics ranging from microbial life history to sociality to cancer. My study of particular topics leads to syntheses of natural selection, robustness in relation to biological design, and the commonly observed patterns that emerge from information flow and scale.

Current projects: (1) Microbial life history: the fundamental forces of biological design, (2) Evolution of regulatory control, and (3) Invariance and the common patterns of nature.

A third-person style summary presents a broad overview of major topics and accomplishments, last updated in 2023. An earlier pdf vision statement briefly summarizes active projects during 2019. A longer and more technical pdf research statement provides a narrative summary, last updated in 2018.

The links below provide a gentler summary, covering a broader range of my research interests and past work, last updated in 2014.

General Approach

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Specific puzzles

Empirical and conceptual syntheses

Life history in relation to conflict and cooperation

Other conceptual syntheses

Recent Projects

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Virulence and mechanisms of pathogenesis

Microbial life history

Natural selection

Information, probability, and the common patterns of nature

Epidemiology and evolution of infectious disease

Cancer, age-specific disease, and somatic genomics

Robustness and regulatory networks

Past Projects

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Sex allocation and sociality

Genomic conflict

Host-parasite dynamics

Virulence, symbiosis, and sociality

Other topics