Published by Princeton University Press

360 pages, 40 line illustrations
Paper | ISBN: 0-691-09595-7
July, 2002

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[This book] is a rich source of ideas for scientists working in immunology and molecular biology as well as evolution. . . . Newcomers are offered a comprehensive introduction to basic questions of immunology, as well as a synthesis that cuts across large areas of biology. Specialists will find detailed discussions of specific infectious agents from a highly original, evolutionary perspective, and inspiration for future research. -- Franziska Michor and Martin A. Nowak, Nature

Frank's book, short and clearly written, can be read through with ease, and it will serve as an excellent introduction to infectious disease dynamics for final-year undergraduates and research students, and for those who attempt to bridge the gulf between mathematics and biology. It will be particularly useful as a stimulus for new research. . . . [F]or an integrated and digestible account of the role of antigenic variation in the immunology and evolution of microparasites, this book has few rivals, and is highly recommended. -- Charles R. M. Bangham, Trends in Ecology and Evolution

This book is definitely worth reading. Frank provides a thought-provoking and timely agenda of research questions in evolutionary immunology and parasitology that will undoubtedly stay relevant for many years to come. -- Paul Schmid-Hempel, Science

This book should be read by anyone interested in the evolution of infectious disease, as well as by those interested in molecular evolution or in experimental evolution. . . . It will appeal broadly. -- J.J. Bull and Dieter Ebert, Evolution

A valuable resource for both students and researchers. . . . This stimulating book makes an important contribution by bridging the gap between immunology and epidemiology. -- Alison P. Galvani, Quarterly Review of Biology

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