Frank, S. A. 1991. Haldane's rule: a defense of the meiotic drive theory. Evolution 45:1714-1717.

Two empirical generalizations about speciation remain unexplained: the tendency of the heterogametic sex to be sterile or inviable in F_1 hybrids (Haldane's rule), and the tendency of the X chromosome to harbor the genetic elements that cause this sex bias in hybrid fitness. Recently, I proposed that divergence of meiotic drive systems can explain these two rules of speciation (Frank, 1991, independently put forward by Hurst and Pomiankowski, 1991).

Coyne et al. (1991) have criticized my theory on several counts. I respond to their critique by first showing that my argument is logically sound and that it is not directly contradicted by currently available observations. I then outline several tests of my theory.


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